123 Profit Review: Aidan Booth’s New Training Program

123 Profit review

New CPA Marketing Online Training Course by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton


What is 123 Profit?

123 Profit Review 2023

what is 123 Profit and best stats

123 Profit is a step-by-step eight-week online training program, in which the students are be provided with a series of downloadable tools, training videos, and weekly assignments to learn how to quickly build a successful online business. These tools include pre-made templates that can be easily added to a site to boost conversion power.

Build Multi-Stream Online Income

This online business course basically helps ordinary people create a multi-stream online income. The system focuses on CPA offers and provides tools and resources to build a powerful online business. It’s an excellent way for individuals who are looking to earn an income from the comfort of their own home.

Steve’s and Aidan’s courses have an extensive network of successful community members from around the world, and they can provide you with all the answers you need. Members can also contact fellow members with questions and concerns which is truly incredible. However, there is some hard work and heavy lifting required on your part when creating profitable online income stream.

Is 123 Profit a Scam?

While 123 Profit is not a scam, it is still best to research the program before signing up. As a result, it is recommended that you read a 123 Profit review before deciding whether the program is right for you. A 123 Profit review will help you decide if the program will help you succeed in your online business.


Affiliate Marketing

The course is geared towards teaching affiliate marketing and includes training videos and downloadable resources. Students can choose from a variety of modules to fit their personal needs. Each module provides training on a particular topic, such as landing pages, sales copy, and tools for online marketing. There are also several additional weekly training sessions. During these sessions, students can get help from experts on specific topics, and ask questions.

Money-Back Guarantee

Aidan and Steve do offer a money back guarantee for a period of 30 days. After completing the course, students can expect to earn more than 10k a month. Moreover, they will receive an exclusive coaching program, access to a tool suite, and round-the-clock support from other members.


Before purchasing a 123 Profit course, you should know that it is not cheap. At $3,497, it is a fairly steep investment, especially for someone who is new to online marketing. But on the other hand that’s at least what it takes to build a successful online business and passive income step-by-step for the long future to come, it’s fairly rather cheap. Fortunately, for those who are not really sure, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program after completing at least first module.


123 Profit Review

The Plan Dan Hollings Crypto Course Review

The Plan Review Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

Welcome to The Plan Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

While many courses on the crypto market are promising, others are not. That’s why a crypto course like The Plan is vitally important. Dan Hollings spent more than four years and over 5 million dollars perfecting the strategy that he is teaching inside The PLAN course. It’s important to note that this is not a crypto hedge-fund, Crypto IRA, or MLM – it’s a set of rules and strategies for making money from cryptocurrencies using grid-bot trading strategy that Dan perfected.

The PLAN Dan Hollings

As Dan Hollings always says from his own and his student’s experience, the hardest part of making money with crypto is to learn doing nothing. It did not really make sense to me when I started with The Plan, and surely it doesn’t make sense to vast majority of people reading this. The main reason is because all our lives since the elementary school we (our brains) have been conditioned to  crypto is something that is very new and different from the traditional financial systems.

But on the other hand, there are negative consequences if you’re not doing something, meaning that if you are going to be sitting at your parents basement and play video games, there is very little to no chance that you’ll make any money, but neither risk or lose any money.

About Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings is an Internet marketing super strategist, and in the last 4 years he’s also became crypto authority. But circling back to Dan’s past he was the main marketing strategist behind the successful movie documentary called “The Secret” that made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue during the launch, which is pretty impressive.

Back to the present, Dan has developed one of the world’s largest crypto training courses, The Plan. His expertise spans grid trading, DeFi protocols, rebalancing, and passive crypto strategies. If you’re interested in learning how to make money from crypto, this course will be your best bet. Moreover, it includes a bonus package that’s hard to beat.

More about The PLAN: Phase 1 Grid Bot Gold and Additional Phases

Among other things, The Plan crypto course is non-refundable and requires you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The course is also available in four phases. Phases one will introduce you to the basics of crypto grid-bot trading. Phase 2 and 3 can be accessed through additional cost, and will introduce you to Crypto staking and rebalancing to maximize the profit potential. The last is the Phase 4, which according to Dan and his team will be available to everyone who gets Phase 1 for FREE as a special surprise gift.

While all of these phases are crucial for your success, Dan’s Crypto course will take you to the next step. With his guidance, you’ll become an expert in cryptocurrencies and be able to earn a high amount of profit.

The Plan – Tested and Proven

Dan Hollings’ plan for cryptocurrency training was tested with 3 beta groups before launching the full course to the general public. Since he couldn’t teach everyone at once, he had to limit the number of students he could accept for The Plan. This ensured that it was a successful course for most people. This crypto course is worth a look. And if you’re new to the crypto world, this course will help you get started and make money fast.

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, it’s important to learn the basics before venturing into the market. But there’s still a big risk associated with the Crypto industry because it is fairly new, and this is where The Plan comes in. Fortunately, this comprehensive course will show you how to earn money with cryptocurrency without breaking the bank. With just a little work, you’ll be well on your way to earning a sizable profit. The bonus package comes with additional support, including personal direct contact with the author.


In a nutshell The Plan also teaches participants how to choose and setup the exchanges, choose and buy crypto, as well as how to setup bots that make somewhere between $10 – 200 a day, no matter what coin price goes up or down. Thousands of users have already benefited from The Plan. Customers can begin making money within minutes of taking part. The course is based on the principles of DCA, which Dan teaches in The Plan. This course also provides a comprehensive resource for those who want to learn more about crypto currency trading.

The PLAN Registration Form
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The Plan Review Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

Bitsgap Review: The Best Crypto Trading App

Bitsgap Review best crypto trading app

Automated Crypto Trading Made Easy With The Bitsgap Bot

The Bitsgap bot is one of the best automated trading software that allows you to make profits by buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a specified range. Unlike many other bots, this software is cloud-based and can be used anywhere, including mobile devices. It also allows you to backtest your trades so that you can see how well the software performs before you invest. There are several features that make this robot one of the best choices for beginners and experienced traders alike.

The Bitsgap bot is easy to use. All you have to do is enter your API credentials to set it up and the bot will automatically manage all trading activity for you. The best part of using Bitsgap is that it supports many different exchanges, which means you can run a BOT on any exchange account. The only limitation is your own knowledge of crypto markets, which is why it’s essential to choose a platform with which you’re familiar.

BitsGap Free Pro Trial

The interface of the Bitsgap bot is easy to navigate. The top-level trading area includes an interactive chart screen that lets you view recent trades and open orders. The left-hand side of the trading interface lets you switch between exchanges and track open positions. You can also view your trade history and track the profits of your last cycle. The bot is highly customizable, and you can create your own settings based on your preferences.

The Bitsgap bot is extremely easy to set up and uses the most popular crypto exchanges to make profits. It also provides auxiliary services for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time doing the work. It’s important to note that this robot requires you to have verified accounts on all supported exchanges. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for this, you can start using the demo service.

The Bitsgap bot works by placing buy and sell orders in the right sequence. Its algorithm analyzes volatility and profitability and is designed for swing and neutral markets. Its backtesting feature is an added advantage that other bots lack. Despite the low risk, the Bitsgap bot can be highly profitable in many situations. Compared to other robots, it’s easy to understand how this program works and makes it easy to customize your trading experience.

Bitsgap Review best crypto trading app

Please learn more by reading this Full Bitsgap review.


First-to-Market Video App Review

Video Creation Software Designed to Make Money?

First-to-Market Video App by Paul Ponna

NOTE: This is absolutely no ordinary video app. First-to-Market Video App is like a marketers toolbox with thousands of templates for creating professional videos featuring tens of thousands of next-generation video styles. The most amazing part? Video Creator doesn’t require any kind of complicated software. You simply go into the video settings, pick out your videos, then add in text, subtitles, and you’re done.

If you’re not familiar with First-to-Market Video App and who the creator of app Paul Ponna is, don’t worry. I’ll try to make this as easy as possible for you so that you can quickly understand the major points made in this First-to-Market Video App Review and give credit where credit is due.

Paul Ponna is the guy who created many successful AI video software apps such as Video Pal, Video Robot, and Video Creator, just to name a few.

First-to-Market Video App allows you to produce videos in high definition (HD), provide captions and subtitles, and even add music. Can you say “How does this tool accomplish all of that”? Well, the answer lies in the fact that it includes an interface very similar to Windows Movie Maker. This means that you can also use text editors and effects just as you would in Windows Movie Maker. And, yes, you can create unlimited video clips thanks to the fact that First-to-Market Video App comes with unlimited membership plans, which includes yearly fees ever-day.

What’s great about First-to-Market Video App is that it gives you the flexibility of making very polished, professional-looking videos using your own equipment. The reason why this First-to-Market Video App is so attractive is because it’s priced competitively, at only $99 per year for a basic account, yet provides all of the features you would expect from a big-budget video editing app. You’ll be able to export videos like never before. This app is also ideal for people who want to launch a new video website or small-business marketing campaign. With the power of First-to-Market Video App, you can create professional-looking videos without having to spend thousands on special equipment.

Does the First-to-Market Video App have a free version?

Actually, no, First-to-Market Video App comes with both standard and premium versions. The standard version has all of the functionality you need to edit, transfer, and distribute your videos. But if you’re looking for more features or wish to save some money, you can upgrade to the premium version, which offers: faster uploads, instant downloading, unlimited viewing titles, editing capabilities, and more. So, whether you want to launch a short advertising campaign or create high-quality videos to promote your business, you’ll be able to benefit from this uniquely feature-packed app!

You must have noticed that every new video software application is constantly coming out with unique features and exciting upgrades. So, when it comes to choosing the best one, you should always consider these important things.

What are the benefits for customers and employees?

Will the new version cause too much downtime?

How does it compare to other video editing programs?

Which of the following features is most useful to video creators? Digital Marketing Apps Review

GrooveFunnels Apps

GrooveFunnels is like an all-in-one toolbox for digital marketers. There are 13 pieces of software tools and each one is critical for achieving success online whether it’s building a business or offering services to other businesses that desperately need it. So let’s talk about those tools a little bit, what they are for, and how they may be beneficial to you or your business.

But before that, I have to say a few nice words about the GrooveDigital team and their dedication and accomplishments for the last 18 months.

They have truly cracked the code, as they say when it comes to innovation and efficiency combined with overall simplicity and high effectiveness. Meaning that all the apps are extremely easy to use, but also extremely powerful, like a secret weapon of James Bond. For example one of their earliest and top apps, GroovePages, which is a web page and funnel builder, outranks all the other CMS and web page builders in all tests done through Google Page Speed Insights, and that my friend is a very good sign because the biggest search engine in the world will give these sites all the love since we know that page speed, load time, etc. is one of the most important ranking factors. So here you go, just wanted to put that out there so you can be confident that GrooveFunnels is not just some quick poorly built website builder, but rather robust and fully armed software to satisfy all web developers and digital marketers needs.

Read GrooveFunnels Review to learn more

Become a Groove Affiliate Apps

GroovePages is the heart of GrooveFunnels because it’s the tool that you use to create stunning websites, landing pages, and sales funnels, using the newest technology of drag & drop builder and preinstalled thousands of different templates, blocks, layouts, etc. To build a professional-looking and fully functional website doesn’t require you to know complicated coding and settings that most of us don’t understand anyway, and literally anyone can build a beautiful site in about twenty minutes, half an hour.

What I most love about GroovePages is that everything integrates together with other GrooveFunnels tools by just a few simple clicks. What we have so far seen, on average we managed to save up to three-time as much time compared to other website builders including WordPress, Joomla, ClickFunnels, SquareSpace, and Wix, which is a pretty big deal in the online marketing world.

Our Rating?

Top-performing website and funnel building app of 2020!

2. GrooveSell

GrooveSell is where all the trading and money goes through. It’s a universal online marketplace where vendors and affiliates meet and do some serious business. It’s like a long-established competitor giant ClickBank, but much better. 😉

Vendors can create their new product sales funnel placement and product access after a customer buys. Vendors can also partner up with affiliates and let them promote their product in exchange for a percentage of commission from the referred sale.

Affiliates can log in and see all the vendors to partner with and make some sales.

3. GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo is a video hosting platform with many more helpful features and settings than YouTube. It’s more like a Vimeo Pro that also offers the advanced settings and customization of the video storage, stream, playback, and visibility.

4. GrooveMember

This is the ultimate membership software to create and manage membership websites with various access levels and automatized settings for new and already subscribed members based on the action they take or don’t take. The GrooveMember is in the final stage of beta development so all the features are yet to be revealed, but what we can count on is that the membership app will have various different fully customizable membership levels and automated email sequence with specially written messages incentivizing the member to upgrade or take certain steps, and much more.

5. GrooveMail

A super cost-effective email marketing tool that will not drain your bank account. Yes, it’s true. Most of the reliable email marketing tools such as GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, SendLane, or SendGrid, are kind of expensive, especially for someone who is just starting out or sending just a couple of emails a month to a small list of email subscribers. GrooveMail is here to change it and anyone can start using GrooveMail for the fraction of what these big companies charge. Sending emails doesn’t need to be that expensive.

6. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is the all-in-one e-commerce platform to build any kind of online e-commerce store without any technical knowledge and complication. GrooveKart is compatible and can be integrated with any other GrooveFunnels app. Selling physical products online has never been easier and more fun!


Future GrooveFunnels Apps

These are the apps that we should expect to be available at the end of the year and/or sometime next year.

  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey

Get Groove Apps Here


GrooveFunnels Cost

GrooveFunnels really kicked it off this year with their Groove project and brought to live 17 amazing apps that kind of transformed digital marketing with a more efficient and easier approach for the one time ridiculously low price if you decide to upgrade, which is what we highly recommend, before the costs will move to monthly-based subscription. Founders of Groove Funnels commit to saying that this extremely low introductory price will never happen again, and it’s very limited, once they fill up the room, the door is closed and the price will get restructured.

The pricing of GrooveFunnels goes from Free to Platinum $1397 one time payment, which is super generous, let us explain. For one time payment of 14 hundred bucks you get unlimited and unrestricted access to all 17 GrooveFunnels apps and all the other apps they will develop in the future 2021 and beyond.

So if this doesn’t sound already like the best deal ever then listen to this.

If you decide to upgrade the free account to Platinum will also get an opportunity to participate in the Groove Affiliate program and start earning 40% commission from each sale you refer to as an affiliate partner. Free Groove members can also earn commissions from GrooveFunnels software sales but only half 20%, so you may as well upgrade now when the price is the lowest that will ever be.

On top of that you can get paid 10% commission from each and every sale that the person you referred in the past made. So if you refer a huge influencer, and they decide to promote GrooveFunnels software suite as well and make a lot of sales…you get the picture…happy days! 🙂

Now, on top of that, every free member you refer, every lead, is hardcoded to YOU, and whenever they decide to upgrade their GrooveFunnels account, you get the sale.

So What are you waiting for?

Become a Groove Affiliate now make use of the newest marketing and best website building app so far created.

groovefunnels cost vs competition

CopyBlocks Review

CopyBlocks software

CopyBlocks – AI Software Assistant That Will Write Your Copy

CopyBlocks AI Automation Copywriting software

CopyBlocks review

CopyBlocks AI Copy Assistant is a program that helps you organize your writing and copy design skills and help you to create original, quality written material. When I first heard about Copy Blocks I was a little skeptical, considering that it had been around for such a long time, but after using the program in a couple of workshops I have to say that I’m impressed. CopyBlocks AI makes the most out of what little space we have in our computers by allowing us to organize our ideas and generate relevant, crisp prose instead of vague, rehashed material. If you are looking for a way to improve your writing or are suffering from writer’s block, Copy Blocks could be the answer you are looking for.

It is very easy to use, and practically anyone can use it. If you have basic spelling and grammar skills, and a decent grasp of English you can start writing articles right away with this software. I like to use it before I write anything else so that I can check to see if I’m on track and then revise as necessary. You’ll be amazed at how much better you write!

I highly recommend CopyBlocks, especially if you are looking to write something, because it will make writing that article so much easier, especially if you have ever struggled to write an article. The greatest feature of Copy Blocks is its interface, which is quite user friendly. It allows you to simply select an idea and begin writing the first paragraph, it even includes a handy formulaic checklist so you can catch errors at the beginning and end of each paragraph. In addition to having an excellent interface, CopyBlocks Assistant also has an amazing amount of functionality, allowing you to duplicate items, add sub-plots and events, and search for specific information.

CopyBlocks software

DesignBeast Review

DesignBeast Design Automation Suite

Unlimited Visual Design Features with DesignBeast


Design Beast is the brainchild of Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar, 2 famous online marketers who specialises in innovative, creative and unique software designs for online business marketing and branding. DesignBeast uses the cutting edge technology and software applications from Adobe Connect – the leading application development platform used by top studios worldwide. Designed by award-winning graphic software designer PaulPonna, DesignBeast is designed to help owners and designers to unleash their creative potential, while providing the maximum amount of control, efficiency and reliability. To date, more than 10k people have already purchased the DesignBeast application since it launched few weeks ago.




DesignBeast Review

DesignBeast is nothing but an advanced set of Photoshop based drawing and animation tools which you can access through a few mouse clicks or a single touch. The application automates the entire creative process – from dream development, sketching and creation of high-end graphic designs, to actual implementation and final touches on the designs using the various modules available in Design Beast. Some of the main features that make Design Beast so popular among users are its easy-to-use interface, various modules and tools that help the users to tweak and modify the final design very easily and even add some originality to the layouts and animations of the images that are present in the project. In addition to this, the software also offers six different kinds of design projects in a single dashboard, which you can use to create and customize unique layouts for your requirements: dream, basic, design, portfolio, website, and illustration. Design Beast also comes with a large number of useful add-ons such as Logo creators, Elements Extender, Magic Shapes, Custom Box Labels and many more.

With the help of Design Beast, even a non-technical person can come up with innovative visuals and create very unique designs using the modules available. The software has been designed by keeping in mind the varied requirements of various clients and designers and has therefore created all-in-one designs, with the help of which one can work on a simple, basic, or complex project. The most important thing to remember is that you should always have a clear idea about the kind of visualizations and graphics you want to create before you start with the software, as you will not be able to generate any visualizations without having an idea about the final product. However, if you are creative, and wish to come out with highly innovative visualizations, then Design Beast would be a great choice for you.

Buy DesignBeast


DesignBeast Design Automation Suite

My Honest Amazing Selling Machine Review


New Amazing Selling Machine 13

amazing selling machine


Amazing Selling Machine is a great product and it’s truly worth the money because it enables people to start their business fast and some even get super-rich in a relatively short amount of time. One of the main reasons is because the Amazing Selling Machine’s training is focused on the eCommerce industry, specifically, The transcend of online shopping is definitely confirmed by this pandemic. Also, the huge benefit is that can accommodate every product with hundreds of thousands if not millions of customers hungry to buy.

Will every product on Amazon going to make millions and everyone rich?

Of course not.

There are well-performing products, poorly performing products, and excellently performing products and those are ones you want to identify and go after.

But obviously, to identify just a single product that is a winner could take weeks or months even and would cost a lot of money in research, analyzing, and ad spent, in order to get accurate data.

Luckily you don’t have to do all of this, and that’s because of Amazing Selling Machine, which has everything in place for you to start and build a profitable eCommerce business and brand.

Matt Clark and Mike McCleary

Matt Clark and Mike McCleary

Matt Clark started his career as an office clerk in the bank with some would say a decent salary, but for him, he had a much bigger picture in his head. He wanted to be free when it comes to time, and his own boss when it comes to business.

Long story short, Matt read something about selling kindle eBooks on Amazon, and that’s where he started. After making a good and steady income he looked into more selling opportunities on Amazon, and that’s when he started realizing that the biggest money is in having and selling own-brand products.

After he built several brands that achieved phenomenal success, he realized that the strategy is pretty much duplicable for every business selling eCommerce products on Amazon.

That’s when the Amazing Selling Machine was born and had an amazing journey ever since, with thousands of students who built their businesses based on the ASM eCom Business Model.

Mike McCleary came on board a few years later, after he bought ASM and became one of the most successful students that took the course, and he was asked to join the successful team of ASM Mentors, which he did.

His life story also goes to the corporate business career with no life and constant work building someone else’s dream.

ASM 13 Evolution

So if the ASM training course with all strategies and resources is the key to fast financial independence and helps a little starting entrepreneur, it is a good thing. And in any means, once the eCommerce business makes a good profit you can easily move away from Amazon and start your own venture elsewhere.

Life is all about choices, either good or not so good, but I honestly believe that Amazing Selling Machine is one of the best choices to become financially free quickly while building a solid business and brand. has 3 courses to choose from, differently priced.


The One Product Challenge

The One Product Challenge ASM

The cheapest option is the brand-new training on how to choose the winning product, 14-day crash course entirely based around product research from A to Z. The training costs just $197, which is 20 times less than the full ASM course.

As I mentioned this is a brand-new course, so there is not much to say about it until I will go through it and consume the information to provide a real and honest review. But what I know already is that it’s going to be definitely valuable, especially for those who want to get ASM but can’t because of the higher price. The difference is that OPC is like a segment from the full course without special bonuses, extras, or mentorship.

But as it’s believed, picking the right product is the single most important first step that will determine the profitability of your eCommerce business.

1 product challenge

ASM Foundations

ASM Foundations is the full ASM course but without special extra bonuses and mentorship by successful sellers. The cost of the course is $1997, which is more than double less than full ASM training with all the extras.

ASM Foundations

Full Amazing Selling Machine

Read full review.


Amazing selling machine financial freedom 300x250


AWeber Review – The Most Popular Email Autoresponder?

What is AWeber

     Deciding which email marketing service to use is often troublesome. The following is a brief AWeber Review to assist you in making a knowledgeable selection regarding email marketing services.


     With refined features, AWeber offers far reaching email marketing services for online marketers. AWeber has an approachable client interface and offers a FREE first month membership for those keen on a test drive before signing up. Prominent for its incredible auto responder, AWeber Communications is a strong performer in many areas of email marketing. The company offers a bit less with regards to importing contacts, however that is at most just one-time issue for new clients.


  • Simple to use Drag & Drop email creation is upheld with more than 600 formats. HTML is bolstered for custom messages or alterations to existing formats.
  • At the time of this AWeber review, it empowers users to send emails to 1 subscriber to as many as 50,000 with the click of a button. Clients have the capacity to send a boundless number of autoresponder messages with AWeber.
  • AWeber’s pricing is incorporated with all levels of membership.
  • From Facebook Marketers to gigantic sales forces, Aweber services fit your needs. Aweber also coordinates with Shopify and ecommerce stages for online retailers making sales easy!


  • Facilitating customized, timely and targeted messages to your clients is a major piece of email marketing achievement. AWeber’s incredible autoresponder empowers you to automate this procedure, guaranteeing your clients get the data they need right when you need them to. To begin, you simply add your desired messages and set up an autoresponse schedule. This takes latterly less than five minutes to accomplish. You even have access to more than 150 email formats to make the email design process fast and simple.
  • Aweber also has a high delivery rate of 99.34% which means that it has a good reputation and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) trust emails originating from Aweber and will delivery it, which is an important factor to consider.
  • The ability to integrate your email marketing record with other online administrations empowers you to enhance data sharing crosswise over distinctive business functions. For instance, you can embed AWeber email membership forms on your site, blog, and Facebook page so every one of your visitor can sign up easily.
  • If you’re new to online or email marketing, you’re certain to appreciate AWeber’s superb live webinar courses, which incorporate real-time instruction from AWeber specialists.
  • And finally, I for one, appreciate Aweber Support’s quick response if I have a question concerning my account.
  • Aweber also offers a top notch Affiliate Program which pays 30%. This has helped me offset my cost and it will you too.


  • AWeber gives two importing strategies: a manual text-based transfer and a spreadsheet transfer. You can’t import from Gmail or any other address books.
  • No Google Analytics.
  • AWeber’s pricing is higher than the business average with initial plan starting at $19 every month for subscriber lists under 500. However, when offset by joining and promoting the Aweber Affiliate program, this cost is quickly eliminated.


     With regards to an honest AWeber Review, Aweber is the best autoresponder for your business. Besides giving members flexible membership pricing, their customer service is outstanding. And, their support department could not be matched. On the off-chance that you need email marketing without a ton of hassle, than AWeber will be a good option.

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