The Plan Dan Hollings Crypto Course Review

The Plan Review Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

Welcome to The Plan Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

While many courses on the crypto market are promising, others are not. That’s why a crypto course like The Plan is vitally important. Dan Hollings spent more than four years and over 5 million dollars perfecting the strategy that he is teaching inside The PLAN course. It’s important to note that this is not a crypto hedge-fund, Crypto IRA, or MLM – it’s a set of rules and strategies for making money from cryptocurrencies using grid-bot trading strategy that Dan perfected.

The PLAN Dan Hollings

As Dan Hollings always says from his own and his student’s experience, the hardest part of making money with crypto is to learn doing nothing. It did not really make sense to me when I started with The Plan, and surely it doesn’t make sense to vast majority of people reading this. The main reason is because all our lives since the elementary school we (our brains) have been conditioned to¬† crypto is something that is very new and different from the traditional financial systems.

But on the other hand, there are negative consequences if you’re not doing something, meaning that if you are going to be sitting at your parents basement and play video games, there is very little to no chance that you’ll make any money, but neither risk or lose any money.

About Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings is an Internet marketing super strategist, and in the last 4 years he’s also became crypto authority. But circling back to Dan’s past he was the main marketing strategist behind the successful movie documentary called “The Secret” that made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue during the launch, which is pretty impressive.

Back to the present, Dan has developed one of the world’s largest crypto training courses, The Plan. His expertise spans grid trading, DeFi protocols, rebalancing, and passive crypto strategies. If you’re interested in learning how to make money from crypto, this course will be your best bet. Moreover, it includes a bonus package that’s hard to beat.

More about The PLAN: Phase 1 Grid Bot Gold and Additional Phases

Among other things, The Plan crypto course is non-refundable and requires you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The course is also available in four phases. Phases one will introduce you to the basics of crypto grid-bot trading. Phase 2 and 3 can be accessed through additional cost, and will introduce you to Crypto staking and rebalancing to maximize the profit potential. The last is the Phase 4, which according to Dan and his team will be available to everyone who gets Phase 1 for FREE as a special surprise gift.

While all of these phases are crucial for your success, Dan’s Crypto course will take you to the next step. With his guidance, you’ll become an expert in cryptocurrencies and be able to earn a high amount of profit.

The Plan – Tested and Proven

Dan Hollings’ plan for cryptocurrency training was tested with 3 beta groups before launching the full course to the general public. Since he couldn’t teach everyone at once, he had to limit the number of students he could accept for The Plan. This ensured that it was a successful course for most people. This crypto course is worth a look. And if you’re new to the crypto world, this course will help you get started and make money fast.

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, it’s important to learn the basics before venturing into the market. But there’s still a big risk associated with the Crypto industry because it is fairly new, and this is where The Plan comes in. Fortunately, this comprehensive course will show you how to earn money with cryptocurrency without breaking the bank. With just a little work, you’ll be well on your way to earning a sizable profit. The bonus package comes with additional support, including personal direct contact with the author.


In a nutshell The Plan also teaches participants how to choose and setup the exchanges, choose and buy crypto, as well as how to setup bots that make somewhere between $10 – 200 a day, no matter what coin price goes up or down. Thousands of users have already benefited from The Plan. Customers can begin making money within minutes of taking part. The course is based on the principles of DCA, which Dan teaches in The Plan. This course also provides a comprehensive resource for those who want to learn more about crypto currency trading.

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The Plan Review Crypto Course by Dan Hollings

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